Julio Santiago was raised in Cordoba, Argentina – the state known for its diverse terrain, the colorful landscapes painted by lakes, rivers, mountains and lush vegetation.

Knitting is a passion he developed early on, inspired by his mom Elsa, grandma Josefa, and later, his sister-in-law Quela.  With curiosity of how a string is manipulated into fabric, soon he got in front of the loom and was inspired to develop and launch a knitwear line as a teenager.  His knits gained fast popularity for their innovative and unique designs.

Today, Santiago continues designing artistic knitwear using high quality Italian yarns and leather.  What he creates is conceived with simplicity at the core of the designing process; his purpose is to empower women that want to experience “the magic” of going about their day with ease, confidence and elegance.  “Put one of my pieces on and you will feel different; it will change the way you walk, the way you think and feel about yourself”.

He brings his vision to life at his studio in Los Angeles, California. In 2013 Santiago Knits expanded and brought 100% of its production in-house where the complete process is under Santiago’s supervision to ensure his high quality standards are met.


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